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What We Do 

MAS provides operational assessments and analyses to guide your strategic marketing decision-making. Decisions that are grounded in the operational and resource reality of your organization.

More than marketing consultants, we are also implementers on the ground training and guiding your teams as they put your strategies into action. Our goal is to leave you feeling confident to manage your success, solve problems, and nimbly shift course when needed. All with your own resources and learned strategies so your organization can stay well.

MAS Services

orchestral musicians in a live performance




When time is of the essence

When you are faced with challenges that need to be urgently addressed, our team steps in to avert or halt the crisis. While we calm the waters, others on the MAS team work with you on longer-term solutions to keep you moving forward.

  • Crisis Assessments

  • Problem Diagnosis

  • Action Plans



Managing the Tech Stack 

The MAS MOPS team specializes in the implementation of automated workflows using marketing technology platforms specific to arts organizations. We help you utilize your tech stack to streamline and optimize marketing campaigns from the planning phase, to executing and managing campaigns, all the way to tracking, analyzing, and reporting on marketing performance.

  • Data Anaylsis

  • Marketing Technology Management

  • Mentoring and Training

marketing operations team in discussion
performing arts theatre house seats




Concierge service, every time


One of your most important audience touch points is the box office. Whether you have in-house staff or you outsource, we share useful methods that are customized to your audience's needs and preferences to ensure that your team can deliver concierge-level service while supporting the goals of development and sales.  

  • Ticketing Platform Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Service Standards

  • Mentoring and Training




The voice of your brand 

Creating and implementing effective marketing campaigns is a multi-layered endeavor that requires clear, consistent, messaging, engaging content, an understanding of your target audiences and market, and the tech tools used to deliver your campaign and measure effectiveness. 

The MAS team helps you build campaigns, create content, set goals, and make adjustments based on the performance data.  We launch and manage campaigns as an extension of your team or train and mentor your staff to manage with confidence.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Omni-channel Marketing

  • Strategic Partnership Building

  • Media Planning & Budgeting

  • Internal & External Messaging

  • Design

  • Copywriting & Editing

  • Content Development

strategic partnership between Natural History Museum and Century City Westfield Mall
Los Angeles Ballet branding for Swan Lake




Your heart and soul


If you sense that your brand is not working hard enough, you may not need to fully rebrand.  Rather, your brand may benefit from stronger implementation to be truly effective. 


If you're ready for something new, our brilliant brand strategists will build a fresh identity that creates an effective and powerful impression in the minds of your target audience. MAS will assess your brand’s equity and strength and help you make the right decision.

  • Brand Assessments

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Design




Manage the conversation 

The MAS PR team has extensive experience working with arts organizations developing talking points, story pitches, media training for leadership, managing media interviews and events, monitoring and analyzing coverage, developing digital and social content, and providing crisis communication support.


We develop plans and provide training for in-house staff or support the efforts of an agency of record during high volume periods.

  • PR Strategy Plans

  • Crisis Management

  • Media Relations 

  • Media Coaching & Training

Museum curator speaking to press and guests at exhibition preview
Museum after hours public program with art and music




Connect with your community

Public programs play an essential role in promoting cultural diversity, supporting artistic expression, and contributing to the economic and social well-being of the community in which your organization operates.  

The MAS team is experienced in developing large-scale events, small-scale initiatives, arts education programming, and workshops.


We help you develop a programming plan that meets your mission and guide your staff as they develop mission-focused partnerships, and organize, manage and promote those programs.

  • Mission-centric Programs & Events

  • Strategic Partnership Building

  • Community Engagement

  • Mentoring and Training

Working With Us

We understand deeply what’s required to work in an environment that is often limited by budget, time, talent and other valued resources so we have developed a series of ways to engage with us that will meet your needs.


Multi-Service Plans

Combine several or all of our services, organized by your goals and timeline. Engage with us on short-term or long-term retainer or as a series of projects.


Single Services

When you have a project to plan or challenge to overcome, choose the specific MAS service that meets your needs and serves your goal.


Mentoring & Training

To provide resources and support for your staff, schedule training sessions with our team that are specific to their needs and your goals. We also mentor those who are poised to take on bigger roles in your organization.

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